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A great suit or a soft silk can make you look and feel terrific. Fine garments are often both unique and expensive. These are all great reasons for taking good care of your clothing, so your garments look great with every wear and last for as long as possible. And when your outfit looks great, you’re always showing your good side.

You have choices in how you care for your clothes.

Ironing, dry cleaning, and steaming are all good ways to care for fine garments. Ironing is best if you need hard creases in a garment and dry cleaning gets clothes clean and pressed.

Steaming is faster

To take your clothes from rumpled to smooth in the quickest amount of time, steaming is the way to go. You can steam a garment in just a tiny fraction of the time it takes to iron it. Ironing can take 5 times as long.

Steaming is easier

You can easily remove wrinkles without ironing. No more dragging out the ironing board, pushing a heavy iron and trying to keep the garment flat as you go. No more trips to the cleaners—or worse, realizing too late your favorite blouse is at the cleaners the day of a big meeting.

Steaming does more

Both ironing and dry cleaning compress fabrics and can leave shiny marks. Steaming expands the fabric for a better clean. Steaming even removes mild odors. Unlike ironing which can lock in odors, steaming actually removes mild odors for a quick freshening up.

Steaming is safer

Steaming is far gentler than either ironing or dry cleaning, so clothes last longer. Ironing is particularly bad for delicate fabrics, especially silk. Dry cleaning uses high temperatures and chemicals that can damage your clothes over time. And SteamOne steamers have adjustable settings, so they’re easy enough on the most delicate silks, yet powerful enough for your heavier fabrics.