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Steamer Care Tips

Steamer Care Tips

To ensure your steamer is functioning the best it can at all times, it must occasionally be given a cleaning. How often you should do this depends on the quality of the water and the frequency with which you use your steamer. On average, your steamer must be cleaned after 30 hours of use. Depending on how frequently you use the machine, this could mean anywhere from once a week to once a month.

How to get the most out of your steamer.

What you’ll need to do to maintain your steamer is simple:

  • Unplug the steamer and let cool for two hours
  • Remove the steam hose from the main unit and collapse the poles
  • Hold the base over a container to catch the water
  • Lay the base on its right side; unscrew and remove the drain plug from the bottom of the base
  • Fill the removable water tank with tap water, replace the water tank cap, and put the water tank back on the base
  • Stand the base up over the container you’ve set out and the tap water will flush out any calcium residue
  • Replace the drain plug on the bottom of the base