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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Steaming is safe for even the most delicate of fine silks. Set your steamer to the lowest setting. Do not touch the steamer head to the fabric, but instead hold it several inches away to start. The lighter the fabric, the more easily the wrinkles should disappear. If they’re not disappearing, move the steamer head closer to the garment, but don’t touch the garment.

The fabric may be too heavy for the setting—try turning up your steamer. If the fabric is especially heavy or the garment is particularly wrinkled, you may need to steam from the inside. Make sure to wear the glove for protection.

Ironing, or pressing, pushes together the fibers of a garment, weakening the individual fibers over time and locking in dirt and odors. Steaming opens up the fibers of fabric for a safer— and actually better—clean.

Nope! Just steaming by itself removes mild odors.

Frequency of changing water depends on usage. If not distilled, change water every 2 weeks.

Definitely. Steaming is perfectly safe and will not damage these clothes. You can steam away with peace of mind.

We suggest investing in a good wardrobe rack. Hanging everything in a row will allow you to move quickly from one garment to the next. In addition, a wardrobe rack provides extra space to hang clothes that have just been steamed, so they won’t re-wrinkle like they could if they were hung too closely to other items. Arrange the garments by weight of the fabric from lightest to heaviest. Move from one garment to the next, turning up the heat setting as you get to heavier fabrics.