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It started with design and it's still about design.

As fashion designers in France, everything is about design for us. In 1999, we saw our first garment steamer. We loved the concept! And immediately began steaming our own evening gowns and ready-to-wear brands.

In 2003, we began using steamers for our fashion businesses. The steamers made things so much easier, but we weren’t satisfied with their performance. We couldn’t stop thinking about it. We knew we could create something better.

In 2005, SteamOne was born. It was the first steamer manufactured in Europe. With an eye toward design, we created something sleek and ultra efficient.

With Americans’ busy lifestyles, we know how important it is to ensure we’re providing only the most efficient steamers. And whatever your style—from “I mean business” to a more relaxed chic—SteamOne helps you polish it with ease, so you can boldly take on every day.”

— David & Olivier