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Holiday Style Guide

It’s the holiday season, everyone. That means it’s time for parties, both fancy and fun. It’s cold, it’s magical, and it’s time to break out that holiday wardrobe. You may already have a select few items in your closet that you wear every year, but chances are they’re rumpled from being put away all summer. You may be frantically searching for something to wear to all these parties you forgot you RSVP’d to. You could be totally confused on how to look fashionable while it’s freezing outside. Well, whatever your holiday fashion crisis, we welcome you to our official Holiday Style Guide.

Dedusting the Holiday ‘Drobe

Alright, so you don’t need a whole new outfit for the holidays. You have your crowd favorites. It’s tradition to wear them. But you’re pulling all that stuff out of bins, boxes, and bags after a whole year of it not getting any fresh air. So, the problem you run into at this point is dust, wrinkles, possibly a smell. But it’s all too fancy or too delicate to just toss in the wash. And who wants to pay a dry cleaner to blast your nice clothes with chemicals? Worry not, dear friends.

Steaming will quickly get out the wrinkles while also freshening up the garments by taking away any mild stale odors.

What to Wear and Where

So, you’ve got a holiday party at your boss’ house. It’s a formal event and they’re serving fancy appetizers. The next night you have a family party. What do you wear and where? Formal holiday parties require a little sophistication. We recommend you wear something neutral, but still stylish. All white is always an attention grabber. You’ll want to stand out if you’re angling for that sweet promotion. Gentleman, an all white suit with black accoutrements is a crowd pleaser no doubt. Ladies, a white gown and all white accessories will give you an almost angelic look. When you’re done with the high life, you’ve gotta come back down for some good family times. Attire: Comfy, cozy, and as much holiday spirit as you can jam into a sweater. This outfit’s a no-brainer. Ugly sweaters are a holiday tradition. Pop on something horrendous but comfy and enjoy some family time.

But It’s So Cold!

Well, yeah, it’s winter. And we do understand that you’re hopping from place to place, party to party, so warmth is definitely something of a concern. But just because it’s negative a hundred outside doesn’t mean you can’t look good. There’s all kinds of ways to maintain your style while still being toasty in the frigid air. There’s no need to look like a marshmallow. We have a trick to help you out–thermal underwear. We feel that not enough people really understand the lifesaving capabilities of thermal underwear. Gentlemen, put them on under jeans, slacks, sweaters, or suits. They are comfortable and light and perfect for maintaining an aesthetic in the middle of a blizzard. Ladies, they are available in fleece legging styles so you can wear them under your sweater tights or as sweater tights. It’s the perfect little secret to maintaining the most fashionable appearance while avoiding frostbite.

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And that’s a wrap-up! We hope these little tips and tricks are helpful. Happy holidays!