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10 Ironing Hacks for the Busy Stylist and Fashionista

When you head to style events like the Simply Stylist Fashion and Beauty Conference, you bring your A-game, and to appear fashion forward, having wrinkles is not an option. Ironing is both time-consuming as well as detrimental to some fabrics. And constantly heading to the cleaners can be both expensive and inconvenient. When you’re getting ready for a big event, who even has the time?

Don’t worry! You don’t have to compromise time, money, or convenience for a professional, wrinkle-free appearance. These ironing hacks will make sure your stylish clothes help you put your best foot forward.

1. Start in the shower.

What’s likely the steamiest place in your home every morning? Your bathroom. Hanging up your outfit of the day while you shower can knock out many of your wrinkles.

2. Go small.

There is a benefit to avoiding heavy loads when you’re washing. When the washing machine is packed to capacity, your clothes don’t have much space and are essentially being crumpled. Adding fewer clothes to your loads can help give your clothes more space so you’ll start your de-wrinkling process with less to deal with.

3. Be pressed.

Your mattress may be good for more uses than you know. Roll up your clothes like burritos and place them under your mattress for at least an hour. This simple process will remove most of the wrinkles for you.

4. Towel it.

A damp towel can do wonders for wrinkled clothes. Lay your clothing item down on a flat surface and place the damp towel on top of it. Then, press down and smooth out the towel with your hands.

5. Wipe it down.

Notice a wrinkle while you’re rushing out? It’s okay if you don’t have time to take your clothes off. Just grab a damp cloth and wipe at the wrinkle as if you’re removing a stain. You can get rid of the wrinkle and get right out of the door.

6. Spray and sun.

Hang your garment up outside and spray it with water. The wrinkles will fall out and the sun will dry out any moisture.

7. Use spray as a solution.

Similarly, you can buy wrinkle release sprays. Spray the solution directly onto your garments, smooth out the wrinkles with your hands, and then allow them to dry.

8. Go natural.

If you’d like a more natural wrinkle releaser, use vinegar to make your own. Mix one part white vinegar with three parts water and then spray on your garments. Although vinegar is generally acidic, it’s really gentle on fabric so it’s a great chemical-free alternative.

9. Steam on.

And of course, using a garment steamer is a great way to keep your fashionable styles wrinkle-free so it’s no surprise that many people are ditching their iron in lieu of at-home steamers. Steaming works on virtually any fabric type without any harm to your clothing, and takes minutes to complete.

10. Wait a few.

Instead of throwing your stylish outfit on right after you steam it, take a pause. Waiting five minutes before you put on your clothes will help them stay wrinkle-free much longer.

What’s your favorite hack to quickly de-wrinkle your favorite fashion fits? Let us know.